Generate, Schedule, and Manage Postings

Generate, Schedule, and Manage Postings

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Postus can help you to generate personalized posts both text and AI-generated art for your audience and increase your customers' engagement on social media.

To start generating posts with Postus, first you have to create a Postus project. Second, you have to connect your social media accounts to your Postus project. Then, you can use Postus to generate and schedule your posts.

Read the guides on how to create your Postus project, and how to connect your social media accounts to your Postus project.

Once you created your Postus project and connected your social media accounts to it, you can start generating and scheduling your posts.

Generation of posts

Click three lines at the top right of the Postus website to show or hide a menu:

To start generating posts, click the Calendar tab, found at the left side of the Postus web page.

Press the Generate Posts tab.

On the left side, there is your project description. You can update it if you want.

Then, choose weekdays of posts to generate, posting time, number of posts, posting tone, and press Generate.

You will get the calendar of all your posts for the current month, including those already delivered and planned. For the planned posts, press the EDIT tab, and you will see how your posts will look on each of your social networks. Edit the text if you like.

Note: Leave some time for posts to generate. Generating posts needs time, so if you choose to post immediately, you might get an error, when the post is generated after the posting time passed.

That’s all, you have generated and scheduled your posts, and they will be delivered at the planned time!

Management of posts

You can manage your project by pressing the tab Settings, found at the left side, where you can change the description of your project, posting tone, posting dates and time, and other features.

If you press the tab Integration, found at the left side, you will see the status of your social networks. You can connect and disconnect Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to your Postus project here.

Lastly, you can add another project by pressing the tab ADD NEW PROJECT, found at the top left side of the web page. The number of projects depends on the pricing plan you selected.

Provide the details for the new project as described above.

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